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CP – Volume 5, issue 3

Volumes and issues  
Late Glacial and Holocene changes in vegetation cover and climate in southern Siberia derived from a 15 kyr long pollen record from Lake Kotokel   
P. E. Tarasov, E. V. Bezrukova, and S. K. Krivonogov
Page(s) 285-295
Abstract   Final revised paper (PDF, 1864 KB)   Discussion paper (CPD)   Special issue

  01 Jul 2009
Ecosystem effects of CO2 concentration: evidence from past climates   
I. C. Prentice and S. P. Harrison
Page(s) 297-307
Abstract   Final revised paper (PDF, 1698 KB)   Discussion paper (CPD)   EGS Milutin Milankovic Medal 2002   Special issue

  03 Jul 2009
High resolution cyclostratigraphy of the early Eocene – new insights into the origin of the Cenozoic cooling trend   
T. Westerhold and U. Röhl
Page(s) 309-327
Abstract   Final revised paper (PDF, 1528 KB)   Supplement (13657 KB)   Discussion paper (CPD)   

  06 Jul 2009
Investigating the evolution of major Northern Hemisphere ice sheets during the last glacial-interglacial cycle   
S. Bonelli, S. Charbit, M. Kageyama, M.-N. Woillez, G. Ramstein, C. Dumas, and A. Quiquet
Page(s) 329-345
Abstract   Final revised paper (PDF, 5920 KB)   Discussion paper (CPD)   

  10 Jul 2009
Relationship between Holocene climate variations over southern Greenland and eastern Baffin Island and synoptic circulation pattern   
B. Fréchette and A. de Vernal
Page(s) 347-359
Abstract   Final revised paper (PDF, 965 KB)   Supplement (65 KB)   Discussion paper (CPD)   Special issue

  14 Jul 2009
Uncertainties in modelling CH4 emissions from northern wetlands in glacial climates: effect of hydrological model and CH4 model structure   
C. Berrittella and J. van Huissteden
Page(s) 361-373
Abstract   Final revised paper (PDF, 1193 KB)   Discussion paper (CPD)   

  21 Jul 2009
Putting the rise of the Inca Empire within a climatic and land management context   
A. J. Chepstow-Lusty, M. R. Frogley, B. S. Bauer, M. J. Leng, K. P. Boessenkool, C. Carcaillet, A. A. Ali, and A. Gioda
Page(s) 375-388
Abstract   Final revised paper (PDF, 735 KB)   Discussion paper (CPD)   Special issue

  22 Jul 2009
The 15th century Arctic warming in coupled model simulations with data assimilation   
E. Crespin, H. Goosse, T. Fichefet, and M. E. Mann
Page(s) 389-401
Abstract   Final revised paper (PDF, 8499 KB)   Discussion paper (CPD)   Special issue

  22 Jul 2009
Central African biomes and forest succession stages derived from modern pollen data and plant functional types   
J. Lebamba, A. Ngomanda, A. Vincens, D. Jolly, C. Favier, H. Elenga, and I. Bentaleb
Page(s) 403-429
Abstract   Final revised paper (PDF, 9258 KB)   Discussion paper (CPD)   Special issue

  29 Jul 2009
Climate and CO2 modulate the C3/C4 balance and δ13C signal in simulated vegetation   
O. Flores, E. S. Gritti, and D. Jolly
Page(s) 431-440
Abstract   Final revised paper (PDF, 854 KB)   Discussion paper (CPD)   Special issue

  07 Aug 2009
Sources of Holocene variability of oxygen isotopes in paleoclimate archives   
A. N. LeGrande and G. A. Schmidt
Page(s) 441-455
Abstract   Final revised paper (PDF, 9827 KB)   Discussion paper (CPD)   

  07 Aug 2009
Modeling sensitivity study of the possible impact of snow and glaciers developing over Tibetan Plateau on Holocene African-Asian summer monsoon climate   
L. Jin, Y. Peng, F. Chen, and A. Ganopolski
Page(s) 457-469
Abstract   Final revised paper (PDF, 723 KB)   Discussion paper (CPD)   

  21 Aug 2009
Investigating the impact of Lake Agassiz drainage routes on the 8.2 ka cold event with a climate model   
Y.-X. Li, H. Renssen, A. P. Wiersma, and T. E. Törnqvist
Page(s) 471-480
Abstract   Final revised paper (PDF, 1333 KB)   Discussion paper (CPD)   

  28 Aug 2009
Pleistocene glacial variability as a chaotic response to obliquity forcing   
P. Huybers
Page(s) 481-488
Abstract   Final revised paper (PDF, 5729 KB)   Discussion paper (CPD)   Special issue

  03 Sep 2009
Changes in atmospheric variability in a glacial climate and the impacts on proxy data: a model intercomparison   
F. S. R. Pausata, C. Li, J. J. Wettstein, K. H. Nisancioglu, and D. S. Battisti
Page(s) 489-502
Abstract   Final revised paper (PDF, 2949 KB)   Discussion paper (CPD)   Special issue

  11 Sep 2009
Rapid climatic variability in the west Mediterranean during the last 25 000 years from high resolution pollen data   
N. Combourieu Nebout, O. Peyron, I. Dormoy, S. Desprat, C. Beaudouin, U. Kotthoff, and F. Marret
Page(s) 503-521
Abstract   Final revised paper (PDF, 4367 KB)   Discussion paper (CPD)   Special issue

  11 Sep 2009
Last nine-thousand years of temperature variability in Northern Europe   
H. Seppä, A. E. Bjune, R. J. Telford, H. J. B. Birks, and S. Veski
Page(s) 523-535
Abstract   Final revised paper (PDF, 3013 KB)   Discussion paper (CPD)   Special issue

  18 Sep 2009
Glacial-interglacial atmospheric CO2 change: a possible "standing volume" effect on deep-ocean carbon sequestration   
L. C. Skinner
Page(s) 537-550
Abstract   Final revised paper (PDF, 775 KB)   Discussion paper (CPD)   

  30 Sep 2009
Glacial climate sensitivity to different states of the Atlantic Meridional Overturning Circulation: results from the IPSL model   
M. Kageyama, J. Mignot, D. Swingedouw, C. Marzin, R. Alkama, and O. Marti
Page(s) 551-570
Abstract   Final revised paper (PDF, 4607 KB)   Discussion paper (CPD)   

  30 Sep 2009
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