CP - Recent final revised papers

Implication of methodological uncertainties for mid-Holocene sea surface temperature reconstructions   
I. Hessler, S. P. Harrison, M. Kucera, C. Waelbroeck, M.-T. Chen, C. Anderson, A. de Vernal, B. Fréchette, A. Cloke-Hayes, G. Leduc, and L. Londeix
Clim. Past, 10, 2237-2252, 2014
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  17 Dec 2014
Laminated sediments in the Bering Sea reveal atmospheric teleconnections to Greenland climate on millennial to decadal timescales during the last deglaciation   
H. Kuehn, L. Lembke-Jene, R. Gersonde, O. Esper, F. Lamy, H. Arz, G. Kuhn, and R. Tiedemann
Clim. Past, 10, 2215-2236, 2014
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  16 Dec 2014
Enhanced 20th-century heat transfer to the Arctic simulated in the context of climate variations over the last millennium   
J. H. Jungclaus, K. Lohmann, and D. Zanchettin
Clim. Past, 10, 2201-2213, 2014
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  15 Dec 2014
Investigating uncertainties in global gridded datasets of climate extremes   
R. J. H. Dunn, M. G. Donat, and L. V. Alexander
Clim. Past, 10, 2171-2199, 2014
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  12 Dec 2014
Climate history of the Southern Hemisphere Westerlies belt during the last glacial–interglacial transition revealed from lake water oxygen isotope reconstruction of Laguna Potrok Aike (52° S, Argentina)   
J. Zhu, A. Lücke, H. Wissel, C. Mayr, D. Enters, K. Ja Kim, C. Ohlendorf, F. Schäbitz, and B. Zolitschka
Clim. Past, 10, 2153-2169, 2014
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  09 Dec 2014
Interaction of ice sheets and climate during the past 800 000 years   
L. B. Stap, R. S. W. van de Wal, B. de Boer, R. Bintanja, and L. J. Lourens
Clim. Past, 10, 2135-2152, 2014
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  04 Dec 2014
Evidence for a three-phase sequence during Heinrich Stadial 4 using a multiproxy approach based on Greenland ice core records   
M. Guillevic, L. Bazin, A. Landais, C. Stowasser, V. Masson-Delmotte, T. Blunier, F. Eynaud, S. Falourd, E. Michel, B. Minster, T. Popp, F. Prié, and B. M. Vinther
Clim. Past, 10, 2115-2133, 2014
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  02 Dec 2014
Annual proxy data from Lago Grande di Monticchio (southern Italy) between 76 and 112 ka: new chronological constraints and insights on abrupt climatic oscillations   
C. Martin-Puertas, A. Brauer, S. Wulf, F. Ott, S. Lauterbach, and P. Dulski
Clim. Past, 10, 2099-2114, 2014
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  01 Dec 2014
CREST (Climate REconstruction SofTware): a probability density function (PDF)-based quantitative climate reconstruction method   
M. Chevalier, R. Cheddadi, and B. M. Chase
Clim. Past, 10, 2081-2098, 2014
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  28 Nov 2014
Sensitivity of East African savannah vegetation to historical moisture-balance variation   
I. Ssemmanda, V. Gelorini, and D. Verschuren
Clim. Past, 10, 2067-2080, 2014
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  28 Nov 2014
Effect of the Ordovician paleogeography on the (in)stability of the climate   
A. Pohl, Y. Donnadieu, G. Le Hir, J.-F. Buoncristiani, and E. Vennin
Clim. Past, 10, 2053-2066, 2014
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  26 Nov 2014
The global monsoon across timescales: coherent variability of regional monsoons   
P. X. Wang, B. Wang, H. Cheng, J. Fasullo, Z. T. Guo, T. Kiefer, and Z. Y. Liu
Clim. Past, 10, 2007-2052, 2014
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  21 Nov 2014
HadISDH land surface multi-variable humidity and temperature record for climate monitoring   
K. M. Willett, R. J. H. Dunn, P. W. Thorne, S. Bell, M. de Podesta, D. E. Parker, P. D. Jones, and C. N. Williams Jr.
Clim. Past, 10, 1983-2006, 2014
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  21 Nov 2014
Hydroclimate variability of the northwestern Amazon Basin near the Andean foothills of Peru related to the South American Monsoon System during the last 1600 years   
J. Apaéstegui, F. W. Cruz, A. Sifeddine, M. Vuille, J. C. Espinoza, J. L. Guyot, M. Khodri, N. Strikis, R. V. Santos, H. Cheng, L. Edwards, E. Carvalho, and W. Santini
Clim. Past, 10, 1967-1981, 2014
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  19 Nov 2014
Links between CO2, glaciation and water flow: reconciling the Cenozoic history of the Antarctic Circumpolar Current   
J.-B. Ladant, Y. Donnadieu, and C. Dumas
Clim. Past, 10, 1957-1966, 2014
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  14 Nov 2014
Oxygen stable isotopes during the Last Glacial Maximum climate: perspectives from data–model (iLOVECLIM) comparison   
T. Caley, D. M. Roche, C. Waelbroeck, and E. Michel
Clim. Past, 10, 1939-1955, 2014
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  10 Nov 2014
The influence of atmospheric circulation on the mid-Holocene climate of Europe: a data–model comparison   
A. Mauri, B. A. S. Davis, P. M. Collins, and J. O. Kaplan
Clim. Past, 10, 1925-1938, 2014
 Abstract   Final Revised Paper (PDF, 5505 KB)   Discussion Paper (CPD)   

  29 Oct 2014
Fire in ice: two millennia of boreal forest fire history from the Greenland NEEM ice core   
P. Zennaro, N. Kehrwald, J. R. McConnell, S. Schüpbach, O. J. Maselli, J. Marlon, P. Vallelonga, D. Leuenberger, R. Zangrando, A. Spolaor, M. Borrotti, E. Barbaro, A. Gambaro, and C. Barbante
Clim. Past, 10, 1905-1924, 2014
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  29 Oct 2014
The role of the northward-directed (sub)surface limb of the Atlantic Meridional Overturning Circulation during the 8.2 ka event   
A. D. Tegzes, E. Jansen, and R. J. Telford
Clim. Past, 10, 1887-1904, 2014
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  24 Oct 2014
Monitoring of a fast-growing speleothem site from the Han-sur-Lesse cave, Belgium, indicates equilibrium deposition of the seasonal δ18O and δ13C signals in the calcite   
M. Van Rampelbergh, S. Verheyden, M Allan, Y. Quinif, E. Keppens, and P. Claeys
Clim. Past, 10, 1871-1885, 2014
 Abstract   Final Revised Paper (PDF, 4954 KB)   Discussion Paper (CPD)   

  22 Oct 2014